• Magellano 25 Metri

    An exquisite new jewel hovers between sky and sea,
    Where time is suspended and the journey begins.
    Like a wave among waves, the sinuous lines of the interior
    Blend in perfect harmony with the outside world.
    A glorious panorama of the shimmering sea
    Stretches as far as the eye can see.
    An extraordinary light infuses the space, permeating the air,
    Enveloping you in its reassuring embrace
    Every shape unveils its unexpected beauty,
    Every element reveals an unexpected detail and wonder.
    You are at the helm of infinity
    Cruising has never been so unconventionally perfect.

  • Interior design by Vincenzo De Cotiis

    Surprising and unconventional, the Magellano 25 Metri is a masterpiece that seamlessly fuses art and the sea. The interior lines were designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis, an architect and designer with an attitude that hovers more towards the art world. One of the world’s foremost exponents of collectible art, with the Magellano 25 Metri, he applies his unmistakable hallmark touch to a yacht for the very first time. Given his longstanding love of fibreglass which he has used in the creation of many of his works, there is a wonderful symmetry in the collaboration, when you consider that for Azimut Yachts, this material is an essential construction element. Fluid, surprising forms, an out-of-the-ordinary conjugation of the sea and its surroundings, together with light-flooded spaces all combine to make the Magellano 25 Metri a truly extraordinary boat that seems suspended in time and poised to weigh anchor at any moment in a quest to rediscover the simple essence of travel.

  • Timeless beauty

    The exteriors of the Magellano 25 Metri have been designed by Ken Freivokh, a renowned figure in the world of boat design and the name behind some of the world’s most stunning megasailers. The vision that guided his design of the lines of the boat was wonderfully simple: to create an object of timeless, exquisite beauty, immune to passing fads and trends. A superstructure entirely in glass, conceived to recreate the idea of a penthouse overlooking the sea, is the central element around which the entire design revolves. Slatted teak panels on either side of the aft area of the deckhouse add an indefinable personality to the boat’s silhouette. An elegant spiral staircase leads to the flybridge, where the hard top is supported by a minimal central mast, while the near-vertical prow reminds us of the Magellano’s outstanding credentials when it comes to seaworthiness.

  • Unexpectedly exquisite

    The unconventional beauty of the Magellano 25 Metri manifests itself in a myriad of ways, and maybe none more so than the choice of Vincenzo De Cotiis and Azimut Yachts to thrust fibreglass into the spotlight with a specially developed variant for this project. Usually a material that is forced to maintain a low-key profile, here it is meticulously worked, embellished and polished, to become a stunning, innovative stylistic element that unashamedly takes centre stage. Instead of its usual coarse unfinished appearance, it has been transformed into something noble, profound and tactile. With a surface the colour of parchment and a depth that recalls the warmth of amber, it takes on a natural, precious aspect, whilst certain elements are dusted with a bronze powder, scattered by an artisan’s hand, to create a gentle shimmer that brings to mind the wonderful, unique imperfections found in natural stone.

  • At one with the sea

    The Magellano 25 Metri sits proudly atop the water, with its solid form full of the promise of long, memory-making voyages where you will finally have the chance to savour time and rediscover its true sense. Indeed, it is this spirit of travel that Vincenzo De Cotiis has explored and brought to life with a décor, design elements and layout that capture the originality and unique approach of the sea traveller and their willingness to embrace the extraordinary moments and experiences of every journey. The fluid geometries of the boat spring from the idea of recreating and integrating marine elements in a natural way throughout. Inspired by the concept of the gentle form of the waves, the seating, forms and even the depth achieved in the spatial dimension all evoke the movement of the sea’s surface. This connection with the sea is also seen in the choice of colours with an intense blue that veers towards green recalling the hue of the water at its deepest points, whilst the use of wood and white are unmistakably marine. Light is another fundamental element of the design. The vast windows, combined with grand prospective depth, make the most of the natural light that floods the interiors, creating a joyous, uplifting environment.


Interior design by Vincenzo De Cotiis

Interior design concept by Vincenzo De Cotiis
Interior design and decoration by Azimut Yachts



  • FlydeckFlydeck
  • WheelhouseWheelhouse
  • MaindeckMaindeck
  • Main deck – timeless versionMain deck – timeless version
  • LowerdeckLowerdeck
  • Crew cabin - opt layoutCrew cabin - opt layout


Infinity terrace & platform expanderinfinity terrace

The innovative cockpit design features a retractable panel that can be lowered to leave a transparent parapet, transforming the space into a glorious terrace with unimpeded views onto the sea.
The same panel, which also serves as the garage hatch, then unfolds to create a spacious bathing platform by the water’s edge.

Raised Pilot House

The Magellano 25 Metri features a Raised Pilot House that can be accessed both from the flybridge and internal lobby, facilitating crew movement whilst offering maximum privacy to the owner and guests. Designed to ensure optimal visibility, the space contains seating for a co-pilot in the form of a small divan/chaise longue and a latest generation glass cockpit dashboard.

Hotel mode

Hotel Mode is just the simplest definition of an otherwise sophisticated and ingenuous innovative way to enjoy time at the anchor at zero emission in the most peaceful silence nature can offer.
While in Hotel Mode on board systems are fed by dedicated lithium ion battery packs in lieu of generators for up to 6 hours during the day and up to 8 hours at night, when the electrical power need of the yacht naturally decreases (range varies depending on weather conditions as well as personal use of electrical loads).

Carbon-tech generation

The use of carbon fibre is a construction choice that allows volumes and surfaces to be increased in size while keeping the same weight, therefore maintaining excellent levels of dynamic stability.
Carbon fiber lamination is applied to:

  • flybridge
  • hard top
  • garage

Active trim control

Interceptor technology provides a smooth, precise Auto mode that automatically takes care of all trim adjustments, guaranteeing the best fuel efficiency at every speed and an optimal front view.
It delivers trouble-free handling and a system without any risk of corrosion or leaking oil.

Double chine dual mode hull

The new Dual Mode Hull generation. Smooth and unslammable, it ensures comfortable navigation and excellent seakeeping even in moderate sea conditions.
The upper chine provides a larger beam at low speed, assuring an excellent dynamic stability while, at higher speed, the flow separates from the lower chine which is shaped for least resistance, thus reducing the friction and increasing range and fuel efficiency.

Extraordinary silence

The Magellano 25 Metri boasts levels of onboard comfort that you would normally only find in much larger yachts.
From elastic [flexible] couplings connecting the engines and inverters to acoustic floating solutions for the floor, walls and ceiling of the owner’s suite, the emphasis is on reducing noise and vibrations to an absolute minimum.

BCOOL system

The BCOOL system, based on NASA-developed technology, ensures constant and thorough air circulation and sanitation on board yachts, together with full air exchange.
Not only does this innovative solution eliminate harmful microorganisms from ventilation shafts and the environment, it also regulates the air temperature and humidity level for maximum cabin comfort.

High Technical Standard declaration

Azimut Magellano 25METRI has been designed and engineered according to the highest standards applied in the recreational industry for production boats.
With CE Class A and NMMA Certification, the boat is in compliance with the two major safety.

Technical characteristics

Main Technical data
Length overall (incl. pulpit)25,22 mt (82’ 9’’)
Beam max6,35 m (20' 10'')
Draft (incl. props at full load)1,9 m (6' 2'') incl. skeg
Displacement (at full load)87,5 t (192904 lb)
Building materialCarbon Fibre + GRP
Exterior styling & conceptKen Freivokh
Interior designerDe Cotiis Architects
Hull designerP.L. AUSONIO Naval Architecture & Azimut R&D Dept.
KeelSemidisplacement Dual Mode
Cabins4 + 2 crew
Berths8 + 3 crew
Head compartments5 + 1/2 crew
Engines2 x MAN V12 1400 mHP
2 x MAN V12 1550 mHP
Maximum speed (performance test mass)up to 24-25 kn
Cruising speed (performance test mass)up to 18-22 kn
Tank capacity
Fuel capacity8.000 l (2114 US Gls)
Water capacity1.500 l (396 US Gls)

Data refers to UNI ISO 8666 conditions

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